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Axis Research Mind publishes market reports on different sectors, and the research materials are available to purchase online through internet with an authorized reseller (2Checkout.com). Purchasing research reports with "Axis Research Mind" is the acceptance of this disclaimer. Our market reports do not guarantee the accuracy of data presented which are prepared based on primary and secondary resources. Users are suggested not to depend upon the information in this website and any research reports analysis in making business decisions and hence responsible to verify the data for the accuracy and reliability. A market report purchased form "Axis Research Mind" should not be reproduced or redistribute in any form or should have a written agreement for such activities. For any incompleteness and inaccuracies of the reports, Axis Research Mind or its distributors, contractors are not legally responsible in any form.

Currency exchange rates mentioned by Axis Research Mind are as reference to the local banks and other financial institutions as of the report publication date. US dollar ($) is used as a standard currency and no local exchange rates are used.

Once the report is delivered to the customer, Axis Research Mind (the company) site will display registered logo of the customer. Customers who want to keep their identity unrevealed should communicate to the company at the time of report purchase.

User License Agreement & Return Policy

Axis Research Mind (hereinafter referred to as "Company"/"Our"/"We") market research reports possess the copyright of company. The company sells the reports in two different license types, which the clients has to select while the purchase process.

The license types are described below with its terms and conditions:

1. Single User License:- The term itself tells a single user, the person who has purchased this license only holds the authority on the product. A market report purchased should not be reproduced, redistributed or printed in any form; any of such activities are strictly prohibited. If the company notices that the product purchased is misused from our terms and conditions, strong legal actions will be taken against the purchaser of the report.

2. Enterprise Wide License:- The purchaser of this category of license can have access to more than one person and allowed to take prints and stored for their internal use in future. The purchaser is also liable to secure the product from any third party accessing it. This license price is more than the single user's price and differs from product to product.

*Immediate Delivery: Upon confirmation from the payment gateway (2checkout).

Return Policy:- The company maintains 'No Refund Policy', as all the publications are in the form of .pdf documents which are easily transferable. Corresponding to each report, we publish a brief description on the website and also provide options to download brochures and on request sample pages of the report. Before purchasing, we can send these to the registered company email address of the client to have a complete picture of the report, on demand. We recommend enquire about the report before placing an order.

Payment:- 2Checkout.com is an authorized reseller of our goods and services assigned by "Axis Research Mind".