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Current Openings at Axis Research Mind

We look for dynamic personalities in the following posts:

Research Analyst

Content Editor (Urgent Requirement)

Data Processor

Research Analyst

Key Responsibilities:

  • Handling market research projects involving strategic and tactical analytics
  • Analyzing market trends and industry outlook and developing market forecasting tools
  • Coordinating promotional material preparation, product segmentation and positioning, performance tracking and benchmarking
  • Defining and prioritizing strategic needs for the customized reports
  • Efficient and actionable recommendations to higher management levels

We look for:

  • Strong analytical skills and marketing insight
  • Proven skills in all phases of primary and secondary research including research/analytical design and execution
  • Ability to synthesize and integrate multiple data sources
  • Experience in statistical models
  • Knowledge of all relevant databases and PC access tools, forecasting and data interpretation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and flexibility in working in a group environment
  • Project management skills in planning and executing market research studies
  • Familiarity in multivariate statistical techniques in market research


  • Post Graduate/Bachelor's degree in Science (any Science group)
  • Proficiency in MS-Office and must be fluent in business English

Data Processor

Key Responsibilities

  • Data management and live support to Research Analyst
  • Data collection from the primary and secondary sources
  • Data extraction from open resources available online
  • Research material aggregation and segmentation


  • Any Bachelor's degree (Data extraction experience in any research project is a plus)
  • Proficiency in MS-Office and must be fluent in business English

Content Editor

Key Responsibilities

  • Precision and simplicity in document presentation
  • Accuracy in business material writing and ability to meet deadlines
  • Online support to Research Analyst


  • Any Bachelor's degree (Experience in market report writing is a plus)

If you want to explore your talents on our platform, please reach us at: careers@axisresearchmind.com